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Old 07-19-2013, 09:51 AM   #1
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Default Freestyle about anything

"Ah, i came to yo' crib, found you lookin screwed for blasphemy in fire, Prometheus
I ran up on you really rollin, rollin over you through the ground like i'm darth sidious

I'm on the path to sufferin but to blessins call that pathos
I cause terror among the people in america, greece, demos
I'm callin the shots down the block like i'ma boss, rick ross
I can send you far away to the planets mars, venus, n' phobos

I'm still so ill, i'm still so real, you can't even touch me, you in a fantasy
to defy is to defy the laws of gravity, causing a very dreadful logical fallacy
Don't mess with me, i am a mystery to you, i am in itself a scientific theory
n' when i walked into this mind-constructed pen, i just entered the ministry"
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A Bum
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this is an exorcism, the exoskeleton extractor, back with his rexo listen, electro-fission, disects your molecular texture with this irregular secular mechanism. you're diagnosed with uncontrollable scoliosis plus liver sclerosis, witness the lyrical, metaphysical master, mystical individual of spiritual crafts,I am the sorcerer, vocal recorder, 26th century galaxy orbiter, straight from the infinite thought database, i taught you how to combine the elements in vats to make pretty red acid, and then i casted it, fast at your dome with a rap, never known, perfect cadence of science and math in a poem.

i tried so hard to show them why,with the elements, they would just call it love,but i call it a lush musterd in a packet of mistrust,because...I walked the path of horror,living in a corner,closed in a cage,ive fucking lost more'a (of) people than you couldnt even find deep stuck in a matted maze,but my mind and intellect, have reached the borda'line, i think its fucking time to bring out the text,put it on my cortex and unravel my divine reflex,even if you borda'ered the line between realism and miscontruing,got a brain blast from all of the marijawuana youve been doing,while loosening up,but finally realize that youre just refusing defeat,fine!Here i come,in my type one persona,not too shooken up intelligently like the coin that you dropped on the ground from the shooken soda,ill undo your shoulder and show more reality that i ever have while molded in,like a motor thats broken, in deepfrost,im just gonna upheavel you up,and toss you up and bust your brains as they bust like a man who found youth but breaks when he realizes hes just gettin older then. im better says ryan, then whys he always whinin,screaming about geniusy, when he cant even muster up the constigency,to' conspire to master all the subjects with his mind tied in his own minia'ture empire

do all of you consider this rap, in my mind im thinking id better keep it up,snap,crackle to the pop,a scientific aroma is about to lift off, and topple all of you rap insignificants back to the end of hop to the start of hip (hiphop). im going to imodel, and mind boggle your entire infrastructure and turn it around to the back of my first throttle,crush you flat like a bottle'of coka'cola roll ya over like a tumblin boulda and beat you till you bruise,rought hell, like i did to my very first slave mo-DEL.its over completely,i already deplet'ed thee,roasted your cerebreal ,with a beam laser,to a seed,you werent even close to beating me from then end of defeat to the beginning of succession, ive already perplexed'this rhyme past the vines of wisdom 20 times over with carosine to the end of the flames that sparkle this line like the end of a movie in its very'last closing scene,like its end im going to rapture the seem of your heart,rip it out,cut its vascularity,implore a new invention like micheal farrade(faraday).

i dont think any of you really understand, the rephremand in the ink to the sync'hronization,from the pen to the paper, to the keyboard to my hand;ive battled the best desperatley, overtly, in a ovular shape, ive turned them over remotely,"paste'd"drew them a knew face and overly formed them into a new design creatively(you can all just blow me) i went from poet to rapper in 5 years, i remember from the last of january to the end of december,shrouded in fear to step up' and deliver my mastery over the art of the rhyme,shivering indeed, but at the end of this line,yo wont even be able to steer your mind around wired weird twist'of the turn and mist of this sign.

i thought this website was supposed to be for the rappers glory,what a fucking story,whatever happened to real rappers,guess the termites took em away...wait;fuck it,it all bores me.ill write something about you all,take your mind and your lines,reinvigorate them all,write and type all that you can,read of the master poets then flush your shit down a urenal stall.you couldnt defeat me, if i held my best words behind me in a sequel of rap battlers full of billions of filled seats,in fact id spit my worst,in'a whirl-wind of hurls"retreat" and then ill curl my tongue in a hunch and delete every single one of you,take the sound out;i already reaped the reaper and stunted your weak beats.now tell me this isnt lyric'ally' the best little sweet fuckin treat youve ever fuckin re'read a million times ate and licked it again because it was too sour and still to ill to spill,speak, tweak or re fuckin' re-tweet.

this is too fucking pathetic, i thought you could connect it, one syllable to the next one,i think your tongue needs a clinic. now i know im too mean and too apathetic, well what the fuck did you suspect, did you expect a kinesthetic synthetic fuck of the mill,sympathetic schizophrenic? i think your still stuck in the end of the first word of finish,but i know since your tongues still twisted to speak or listen,ill go ahead and sharpen this line, water it down and get it rinsed in.but hey my teeth arent too bent in like your mouth is when its spittin'a rap, with no crowd applauding you,not clapping at all,you walk off the stage and start whimpin and whimpering like the stage just collapsed,fell to the abyss of your loss,but hey its not my fault youre a fuckin simpleton(all of you get the fuck out of here)

Now go ahead and usher in the monstrous kings of this site,i know their gods'an all flustered to the bite,but hell they might' as well just introduce themselves to me,muster, might up and arouse themselves some up and get ready to fight.Now listen up'i know you all would just consider me a one timer,but go ahead and sew a line of linen around my mind'yeah,turn me around a thousand times so that perhaps you can win this one,re-wind my words,and try to find them(there meaning)

i want you all to know how to hone, the skills of the zone,like breaking the thrills of the master of the royalty and smashing in his bones,bust open his bleakly inked undertone,swing your words around his silently ,and when he falls to the lowly ground of nothingness,kick and press his words slowly until he moans groaning, like hes been microwaved in a fucking bowl of rice and a packet of macaroni.
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Ray of Hope!
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Flooder attack!!!!!!!!!!
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topleft cyphers (01-06-2017)
Old 06-03-2014, 06:51 PM   #4
Street Soldier
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I made some money the other day and I aint spend it
I caved in a man's rib cage in but I aint bend it
I almost committed suicide on the street wit a guage
Or most of the time I'm getting ripped by a blade
Yall aint seen the other side
Next time believe that I ride
Tonight or the next day wantin to roll high
Test me , I'll show you what I'm called by thugs
Known for drugs
Never shut down for what I did for love
And the kid's I gave hints to lie dead in the street
Cuz I lied to em now they aint comin back to compete
Yall brothas is sweet talkin about gun you aint shot
heated the night wit girls I used to know or forgot
But it aint easy
Unless you speak reasonably
Folks will hear you out but they forget easily
For the jist of it they forgot or became afraid
In the game
So they keep the shells close to decay your brain
"You can see that I'm so electrifyin until my body explodes
My guns got "livin chambers" I add lightning to the re-load
Brothas get struck "down" and blown "up" then depart his tomb
I'm the "sun" the "flash light" flamin farther than Mars moon
Smoke like cartoons at "half time" then move in the scene
I'm glamorous like "real life" and yall all just a "movie" to me"
- Soar Kaid

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HP1 (02-12-2016), topleft cyphers (01-06-2017)
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A Nobody
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Keeping the Cypher from Sour Kaid

Fake or Real, either way they get slayed the same..
We all die one day, no need to delay the pain...
Portray your faith in god, but still live your days in vein..
You wouldn't be Abel to sell a dime, but all day I play with Kane.....

Ahhh I gotta go to lunch break lol
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topleft cyphers (01-06-2017)
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My words are devastating
statments that penetrate
into ur brain an infiltrates
your thoughts to illustrate
what I say......so picture this
imagine a hand grenade
duct taped to your left hand
and a machete laying on the table,
will you be able
to make the cut and run away in pain
before you get blasted away?
Or on the
"other hand" you could
just stay and grab somebody you hate
and literally call it a day.
Its cliche but lyrically
I spray like a A.K.
and leave Rappers
layed out
along the Way.
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Old 06-13-2014, 03:06 AM   #7
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Shut 'em up with a cock... make 'em ask "where the clucks go?"
I leave 'em hanging like Ku Klan, askin "where'd the Klux go?"
Bustin' off the top, with more bread than Arby's
Cannin' the beef like I was Chef Boyardee

The fact that I can cannon the cannibal cannon balls back at ya,
attacking ya stamina, is not a task you can handle as amateurs
Building you back up then damage ya, a back handed compliment
Like "you're really smart, if only you had common sense"
Or "I bet you could guzzle a million dicks and swallow it"
Or "I gotta spend my entire wallet to knock you off with hollow tips"
... Maybe the way I'm sayin' this don't make a lotta sense
But if I didn't say it then spray ya, that would just contradict
I'm saying like a super saiyan, but my hair's brunette
Playing the game of life, who should I take it from in your crew next?
Thuggin' in their crewnecks, you do credit the Wu's checks
But your swagger is lacking like ya libido, you screw less
Or I could say you screwless, like a faulty-construction
The only thing you're good for is barking-some-dumb-shit
Who is this diss directed at? Whoever wants to claim it
Cause if you match descriptions, I'll be coming with that stainless

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A Nobody
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I run with Pro "Kahn's", your Hun call my squad Genghis..
Chop off your legs and both arms, you stuck planking like Seamus...
Let's see how you explain this to your Family, Guy..
While you curl up and manically cry at the same time your sanity dies...
Just join the "A", that's for Anarchy Vibes..
Eating every rapper alive, sit back and watch my calories rise...
Travolta SICK as fuck, you more like Allergy signs..
Parties Jump when I'm "In Da Houze" like its Ali G Time.....

"Why give a man a path, then give him a leash?
Why Promise him the world, then forget the sea?
Why take a mans rib, then deliver Eve..
When all that b*tch gon' do is run with Snakes and bring sin to he?
It pulls on my heart strings like a symphony...."

-Ave Travolta "La-Da-Da"
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A Bum
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Bibble babble hack chew im da supreme overseer
Itd be dat snub nose dat got all yall hairlinez recedin.on n on wit dat
Metaphysical nonsence..two barz into yall shit
I forgot what's ya reason. U spittin robotic, well let me oil up n pump da grease in
Power up just shut down ya thesis.
Come on u ain gotta lie u gay nigga I keeps a secret
Betta den yall fagz boy friendz catch ya cheatin.
What you so wound for, hollarin bout yo I circle da moon jus call me orb
That was wacka den chinkz ownin taco storez
Scratch dat yell all u want, yell ya fuckin heartz out
Till da sun pop up.
Im burrough bound downin fuckaz
Like dey coorz
Lightz go out, u juice ya porez..
I ain fooled by ya linguisticz shit I spit
Mental anguish horez. Da fuze iz lit.add a brick
Ya ish destroyed..Mic Stealth sonic talk like my mouth deploy
U to rap petaphiliac like mike to boyz
Veteran of freestyle he be dat...lord of da underground attackz
Ficticious bitches realize da factz..I got itchy insideous momentum
Ghost out..in stick em wit da venom..complain a rappaz nowadayz
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topleft cyphers (01-06-2017)
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The one and only. Me.
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There's people that talk about me
There's people that flock around me
There's people that joke and smoke on crack around me
There's people that lack around me of the knowledge that's surrounding
We have a generation that can do so much greater
We're much more than angry asshole teenagers
But we gotsta up and change us
Turn our people from minus up to plus
No bitching or whining, I want to hear no fuss
But FUCK YOU if you don't allow us to cuss
My words of wisdom are some that you should trust
Please, listen to me
You just fucking must
Like the wind that gusts or the line that busts
All we ever gotta do is go a push
Stand and mush, rights of our people getting filtered up.
For spreading this, I could probably get fucked up
Whatever, just stretch get up
Don't give up, don't shut up and dont try and hate me
Peace and harmony will conquer we're gravy
Got slave feet and nothing to eat
Got bread but not the wheat I need
Come on government, let us breath!

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freestyle about anything

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