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Default Finals: Rhapsodist Vs. AtomicBeats -- Rhapsodist Wins 5-4

First, sorry in the delay... as you might've noticed a lot of things were going on here over the weekend. Congratulations to you both on making it to the end. After consulting with Gonz and Evilminded, I am going to go with their suggestion for the finale. And that is ultimately letting you pick any acapella (like last round, except the choice is up to you -- doesn't have to be the same) and letting you craft your own beat. Essentially this will let you both craft your own sound and not be forced to any one thing.

So anything and everything is completely up to you two on how you approach the beat. Just has to use an acapella with it and no recycling of a beat, of course. The rest is up to you guys. You can sample if you like.

Any questions, let me know. Good luck. Since there seemed to be some issue last round with what people preferred, only producers are going to be able to vote this.

[MENTION=10704]Rhapsodist[/MENTION] Vs. [MENTION=11213]AtomicBeats[/MENTION].
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Good luck!!

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Ok since producers will vote on this we made a "real" production lol
Had some trouble with the pella but really wanted it (even though it wasnt original plan) and its not so important anyway.
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What's Gucci my niggaz!? LEGGO!

Did you sample this? It's dope AF. The verses sound ridiculously good. Chorus is meh. Nigga are you Justice League? Mix ain't bad. It needs more fullness, more body. Listening in Mono it sounds like there are dips across the spectrum. Sounds a bit dry, like the life of the beat is sucked out. Other than that this is real smooth. Drums fit well verses, instruments fit well verses, only thing I would suggest is more fullness and do something different in the chorus. Good shit.

What's Louie my killa!? First thing that stands out is the mix. Nice AF! Sounds very full. Sounds dope in mono. You know the beat overall is good, but I don't really dig the vibe.... personal taste. It has a very pop genre vibe. You know everybody and there mama's use that chord progression. Especially the way you structured it was predictable to me. The live instruments are really dope. The live feel is really dope. Only thing that got annoying for me was the lead synth during the verses. I wanted it to shut up after a bit.

Both were very creative, one more than the other. (Same with originality) One had a better mix hands down than the other. I liked one vibe that was given over another... I kind of want to lean more to AtomicBeats b/c he composed his shit (/NoBeethoven) while I believe Rhap sampled. (Can't say for sure) But even if I did find out that Rhap sampled, the vibe he gave was too dope. So my vote goes for Rhapsodist.

GJ both of you.

Originality-- Rhapsodist
Creativity-- Rhapsodist
Quality/Mixing-- AtomicBeats <--- HANDS DOWN
Overall Enjoyment-- Rhapsodist
Winner-- Rhapsodist

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Mike McDank
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Both were dope. Really enjoyed listening to each one.

Originality/Creativity -- Tie
Quality/Mixing -- AtomicBeats
Overall Enjoyment -- AtomicBeats

I like how Rhapsodist worked with the chorus and the beat was dope, but it didn't really do anything for me with the verses. It didn't seem to match the mood to me. AtomicBeats stole my vote because I think his beat really changed the mood of the original song but it also matches the lyrics great for me.

Vote -- AtomicBeats

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This was hard for me too choose, because I absolutely hate AtomicBeats' beat. It's not like there's anything wrong with the actual vibe, but to me it sounds very generic and monotonous.. I was feeling Rhapsodist's beat a lot more because it had a good composition and worked well with the tone of Talib Kweli's Push Thru.. the problem is that the vocals over it didn't feel like they were synced as well as they could have been. Atomic's syncing worked a little better, partly because Jay-Z already sounds off-beat in most of his songs and if it wasn't synced correctly you can't notice it. This is the tie-breaker.. looking at all the different instruments that Atomic used and the fact that none of them seemed out of place says to me that there's a lot of potential here. He stays consistent with himself and that's a plus.
Both beats in terms of Originality were pretty decent. Neither tune made me go, wow, but they tended to work with the vocals well. As much as I hate to admit it (because Rhapsodist's beat had a tune I liked more), once the chorus came it, things started not to blend so well. The whole uppity rhythm and pace of the beat Atomic made for Jay-Z works for him perfectly.

This was a good match. I've gotta put my own personal enjoyment aside on this one, though. Atomic took this by a scale on a dragon's tail..

Originality-- Tie
Creativity-- AtomicBeats
Quality/Mixing-- AtomicBeats
Overall Enjoyment-- Rhapsodist
Winner-- AtomicBeats

MVGT: AtomicBeats

Good battle, awesome ish from both of ye
Rawr Rawr Rawr ô
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Kel Il
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So I don't know much about the processes, I personally can only attest to what sounded the best to me.


Your shit is smooth man. I'm not sure who the rapper you used is, but the singing is dope as fuck....great choice. I think this smooth beat is just relaxing as hell and sounds very professional. The drums hit nicely and it reminds me of a childish gambino beat actually. It's really nice. This is going to be tough.

Atomic Beats

Personally not a big fan of Jay Z, but the rapper doesn't matter because your beat is dope as fuck. The melody just gets your blood pumping and your head bobbing, and I don't ever bob my head. Shit is energetic as fuck man and I really get into it. It flows perfectly and Jay Z's flow fits over it smoothly. I like the drums in the hook, did ya'll actually play those? If so I was feeling that shit. The guitar stands out a bit, I really liked this man. I couldn't find much wrong here. Really enjoyed this.

So yeah

Originality-- Rhapsodist
Creativity-- AtomicBeats
Quality/Mixing-- AtomicBeats
Overall Enjoyment-- Rhapsodist
Winner-- Rhapsodist

I think this was incredibly close. I really don't think there is a true loser here, but when it came down to it everything was so close it came down to preference. If I were to put my own vocals over either of those instrumentals I would use rhapsodist. Very good job guys, I enjoyed both listens.
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Baby Huey
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Rhapsodist, I liked the way it started drums just came in and they are nice, the strings sound really nice on the melody may. Drums are nice got my head bobbing. The piano in parts is a nice touch. I dont quite know what to call it but a sound on the hook is cool too. Quality wise it sounds fine to me but I am nearly quality deaf. I like when the drums drop out on the third verse, I really like the strings you used on this. Solid Beat chill feeling.

Atomicbeats, The strings and and that synth compliment each other really well imo. I like the bass line. Man I am really feeling this shit, When the hook comes in the guitar is a really nice touch. Like I have previously said I suck with hearing quality so, yeah. I like the feel your beat has a lot. The synth put it over the top for me. I simply preferred yours to rhapsodists yours so .................................................. .................................................. ...................MVG2:Atomicbeats, I liked both of these, your both dope producer's. Like I said I preferred Atomic's so he gets my vote this was a great battle guys.

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For me AtomicBeats kind of owned it from the beginning, I like Rhapsodist's beat it's what a hip-hop track needs, don't get me wrong, verses go very well with it (noot so much the hook in my opinion) but it's too repetitive for a beat contest, the beat should stand out more, AtomicBeats has some more flow to it from what I hear and it's nicely mixed and mastered, something that stands out again in this battle in favor of AtomicBeats.

Originality - Rhapsodist
Creativity - AtomicBeats
Mix/Master - AtomicBeats
Overall Enjoyment - Allrounda

Winner AtomicBeats

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First off, congrats on getting to the final round. Both of you definitely deserve to be here.

Your beatís got a massively atmospheric sound to it thatís nice as fuck. Your mixing game is topnotch as usual, everything has itís own place and nothing is overpowering anything. Quality of the vocal tracks is crisp. Hearing some tasteful switchups in there too, thatís important. My only complaint with this work is that the hook sample seems to clash a bit with the instruments in terms of pitch, but thatís it.

Atomic Beats:
I think itís cool you used mostly live instruments to create your beat, that sort of work can always be appreciated. I enjoyed the composition here, especially digginí the chorus segment, sounds real free. The synth is the only thing really hitting the extremes of the panning and after hearing Rhapsí beat your mixing feels cramped in comparison. I didnít find anything necessarily wrong with the vocals, but I feel like they most definitely couldíve been EQíed to be sharper/crisper.

Originality - Atomic Beats
Creativity - Atomic Beats
Quality/Mixing - Rhapsodist
Overall Enjoyment - Rhapsodist

Itís not an easy decision, but MVGT - Rhapsodist
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